Is your child struggling to learn to read? Help them crack the “secret code” to unlock the riches of reading!

If your child is having trouble learning to read, they’re not alone. Did you know that only 32% of fourth graders in the U.S. were found to be reading at proficient levels?

Covid has contributed to this, but it’s not entirely to blame. Far too many school districts are using curricula that have been proven ineffective. Many proponents of the ineffective methods say phonics is “boring.” Nothing could be further from the truth!


The Secret Code is Phonics!

Little Orphan Annie secret code pin
Little Orphan Annie secret code pin

All languages in their written form are codes, and cracking that code can be fun and exciting! You might say there’s nothing secret about these languages, but if you’re a child who’s new to reading, it’s top secret!

How do they crack the code? With phonics! Phonics is a lot like those secret decoding rings they used to offer on the back of cereal boxes. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you are much younger than I! 😉

As a one-on-one tutor, I’ve helped kids in grades 3 and under crack the code that is the English language. I’m like their own secret decoder ring, but better. Unlike a ring, if they’re having trouble cracking the code, I can get them back on track!


“Told” Riches

Like any halfway decent secret code, cracking it leads to told and untold riches! Riches like the ability to:

📖 Read classic stories that help kids “live” another person’s experience

📖 Master other subjects, like history and science, to whatever depth they like

📖 Know what’s going on in the world by reading a newspaper

📖 Someday get a college degree, multiple degrees if desired

📖 Choose their life path and succeed in their chosen field


How does tutoring with me work?

My name is Janet Beatrice. If you’re interested in hiring me as your child’s tutor, here’s a little more information about how it would work.

Reading Tutor Janet BeatricePlease note that I tutor online, which means I can tutor any student in the U.S. as long as they can connect with Zoom.

First, we’ll have a free, no-obligation chat, either through Zoom or email. We’ll talk about what your child’s needs and difficulties are, and I’ll answer any questions you have.

If you decide I’m a good match for your child, I’ll do a simple, effective assessment to determine your child’s reading level. With your permission, I’ll also talk to their teacher so that I have a good understanding of your child’s struggles.


The fun begins!

Once that’s all done, the fun begins! Are the lessons challenging? Yes – but they’re at just the right level of challenge for each student – not so easy as to be boring, but not so difficult as to be frustrating. If they are frustrating, I’ll help break down the concepts so that they “get it.”

The lessons are so rewarding for students, who often realize they’re more capable of learning to read than they thought. They just needed the one-on-one attention and the systematic, explicit phonics instruction about ⅔ of students need in order to master reading.

Your child will feel an enormous sense of accomplishment as they master each aspect of cracking the secret code until it’s no longer a secret but a door that opens them to a world of reading!


Let’s Do This!

To schedule a complimentary consultation just send me an email at Let’s work together to help your child crack the code that will unlock their full potential as a reader!


Miz Jan

P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message. I’ll reply within 24 hours Monday through Friday.


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